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Our "I can" statements for the week of



Spelling List:  shell, fish, rush, trash, shut, ship, brush, shop, shed, which, when, whip, that's, didn't

Bonus:  shamrock, rainbow

*Green group use only the green words


Social Studies: 

I will learn about St. Patrick's day and the folklore and fun surrounding this holiday in our country.


I can learn how to represent a number using tens and ones.

I can represent a number as digits.

I can build a number using base ten blocks and understand how to count the blocks by tens and ones.

I can learn how using addition relates to subtraction.

I can learn and talk about number families.

I can learn how to break down a number to a 10 to help me subtract.

I can learn how to make 10 to add numbers.

I can learn how to add 3 numbers.

I can learn my doubles facts.

I can learn about odd and even numbers.

I can learn to count on to help me add.

 I can learn about number families.

I can learn counting on when adding number 1, 2, and 3.

I can learn doubles facts and how doubles +1/-1 can help me master my math facts.

I can learn about taking from.

I can learn the words more and fewer.

I can learn subtracting all and zero.

I can learn to take apart numbers and recognize number patterns.

I can learn the words subtraction, difference, minus.

I can use pictures and manipulatives to show subtraction or taking from.

I can learn vertical addition and subtraction.

I can learn the many different ways to "make" a sum of a number.

I can learn the term "add to" and complete problems using pictures to show understanding.

I can learn about part/part/whole and how this can help me add numbers.

I can learn to add zero to any number.

I can learn the vocabulary addition sentence, equal to and recognize the symbols in an addition sentence.  


I can learn about how to pray and reasons why we pray (Praise, asking, sorry, and thanksgiving).

I can learn about our season of Lent.

I can learn to make the sign of the cross.

I can learn how to genuflect.

I can learn our school prayers and practice them.

I can participate in mass by folding my hands, being reverent, and kneeling when appropriate.  

I can learn how and show how to appropriately make the sign of peace at church. (We are doing much better at this!)

I can learn about God as our good and holy father.

Reading/English Language Arts:  

I can learn about digraph sh/ph/wh and how to spell words using it.

I can learn about verb endings -ed, -ing.

I can learn how to write to inform.

I can learn to write using matching singular/plural form of nouns and verbs.

I can learn how to compare and contrast two stories using appropriate language.

I can learn about plurals.

I can learn about statements.

I can learn to use commas in a series.

I can learn about synonyms. 

I can learn how to write a question and to recognize question words.

I can learn about nouns.

I can learn about adjectives. 

I can learn about verbs.

I can learn about syllables.

I can learn how to sort words in A, B, C order.

I can learn about possessives and 's.

I can learn traits of informational text.

I can learn how to sequence story events using words like first, then, next and last.

I can write 4 sentences using proper capitalization and punctuation.

I can discuss and write a journal entry about a topic, using both words and pictures.

I can use my "spaceman" to help me space my words effectively.

I can begin to learn how to read independently without teacher guidance to begin Daily 5 practices and build reading stamina.

I can learn to pronounce and spell words with beginning and ending blends.

I can identify beginning, middle and ending sounds of a cvc word.



I can learn about how rainbows are made in nature.

I can use a prism to learn about rainbows, light and refraction.

I can learn about the seasons and write 3-4 informative sentences about my favorite season.


Homework for the week:  

Reading 25 minutes is expected each night. This can be your child reading to you or you reading to your child or a little bit of both.  If your child needs sight word practice, this would be a great time to review these, too!


What's going on in S2TEM2

STEM FRIDAYS- On the Fridays that we do not have engineering, the First grade and Kindergarten will be working together to have STEM FRIDAYS!  We will be engaging the learners in mixed groups to complete activities and challenges that require problem solving, team work, communication, and hands on learning.  Should be a fun time for all! 

We will begin learning how to use our ipads and be responsible for them each day.

I can learn how to use my ipad to find information about an ocean animal that I need to learn and write about.

I can utilize my ipad to play the game "Kahoot" on the Smartboard.

I can use my Ipad to scan QR codes and complete an activity or video.