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Our "I can" statements for the week of 10/16/2017:

Math 6: I can create box plots, histograms, and dot plots to display statistical data

Math 7: I can use theoretical probability to make predictions

Math 8: I can interpret a scatter plot and a two-way table using bivariate data

Monday: 6th -  ALEKS 20 min

7th - Tree Diagram WS

8th - Finish PBL scatter plot

Tuesday6th - Create a box plot WS

7th - ALEKS 20 min

8th - Linear Equation graph & write given m & b

Wednesday: 6th - interpreting dot plots ws

7th - theoretical probability predictions ws

8th - point-slope form equations

Thursday: 6th - Creating histograms ws

7th - right hand column on probability ws

8th - writing a linear equation given a line

Friday6th - none

7th - none

8th - none

What's going on in S2TEM2:

Wastebits PBL - presentation for students 9/18 at 1:00

KWL for Wastebits PBL created

Data Collection and Interpretation in Math class (6,7,8)


ALEKS goals: (these are for a weekly grade)

6th = 10 topics/week

7th = 10 topics/week

8th = 10 topics/week

Keep working on ALEKS at home - Remember, class pizza party when whole class gets a slice of ALEKS done, individual students get to pick a pie when their whole pie is complete!

*ALEKS is a means of (as a student) can go as far as you are willing to work and put the time in, when you complete the class you are assigned you will be promoted to the next!

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