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Our "I can" statements for the week of 1/15/2018:

Math 6: I can estimate and match decimal operations with questions

Math 7: I can calculate the percent increase and decrease of given quantities in various situations

Math 8: I can solve scientific notation problems with addition and subtraction

FYI : With all of the holidays/snow days...we are finally getting back into routine!

The plan is to finish up Decimals with 6th grade,

Percent increase/decrease with 7th grade, and Scientific Notation with 8th grade and test next week.

Monday: 6th -  Holiday no school

7th - Holiday no school

8th - Holiday no school

Tuesday6th - Decimal Mixed Review ws

7th - Percentage is/of = %/100 ws

8th - Scientific Notation/Standard Notation Review ws

Wednesday: 6th - Decimal Division ws

7th - Kahoot Challenge (on google classroom)

8th - ALEKS 20 min

Thursday:6th - 

7th -

8th -

Friday6th - none

7th - none

8th - none

What's going on in S2TEM2:


ALEKS goals: (these are for a weekly grade)

6th = 10 topics/week

7th = 10 topics/week

8th = 10 topics/week

Keep working on ALEKS at home - Remember, class pizza party when whole class gets a slice of ALEKS done, individual students get to pick a pie when their whole pie is complete!

*ALEKS is a means of (as a student) can go as far as you are willing to work and put the time in, when you complete the class you are assigned you will be promoted to the next!

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