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 Making a Difference through Engineering! 

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Topics of Study for the Week of 9/18-9/21.


NOTE: Students will discuss where they want to go in Engineering this year.

They will discuss which problems they want to solve, the contests they want

to compete within, and how we are going to make a difference

in people's lives through engineering.  

Engineering Pre-K:  Civil and Structural Engineering

Engineering K: Civil and Structural Engineering

Engineering 1: Civil and Structural Engineering

Engineering 2: Learn about SOUND. Design and build instruments.


Engineering 3: Cardboard Pinball machines with Simple Machines.


Engineering 4: Design and build Cornhole games. Start a business.


Engineering 5: Build and Code LEGO Robotics.

Engineering 6: Design and build games for the Carnival.

Engineering 7: Design and build Ping Pong Ball Launchers.

Engineering 8: Begin the Future City Competition. SimCity!


What's going on in S2TEM: Learning the Engineering Design Process through Project-Based Learning.  Students are designing solutions to Real World Problems generated through collaborations with local organizations.  

Reminders: Use your imagination to design innovative solutions to real problems!