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Our "I can" statements for the week of 1/22/18:

History 6:

Note and chart the different types of Government

Distinguish between the different types of Government

 History 7:

Map out how Geography shapes early Greek civilization

Analyze the trading cultures of the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations

Compare and Contrast Ancient Democracy to Modern Democracy

Explore how Greek myths explained the world around them

History 8:

Chart out the early battles & important events of the

American Revolution

Examine the Declaration of Independence and its origins and importance

for our Country

 Religion 8:

Identify two types of Prayer:  Personal and Communal

Reflect on their own Prayer habits and how God speaks to us in many different ways

Homework for the week: 

6th: Types of Govt worksheet due 1-19

7th: Geography chart due 1-23, Minoan Quiz due 1-24 & Greek colonies and trade routes map due 1-25

8th: Test on American Revolution on 1-25 & Study Guide for test due 1-25

Religion: NONE


What's going on in S2TEM2:    

7th is beginning an entrepreneur PBL.  They will use their Engineering projects and learn to produce and market them to outside world.



8th Grade Confirmation Kids meetings with Mrs. Dies begin on November 3rd form 2-3.  They are held every Friday.

Catholic Schools Week is January 29th - February 2nd.

8th Grade Confirmation Retreat is on the 20th from 8-5 here at school.

End of the Quarter is February 2nd.