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Our "I can" statements for the week of 4/16/18:

History 6:

Interpret the Impact Buddhism has on Asian cultures

Describe the influence of climate and physical features on the development of Southeast Asia

Develop an understanding of Prayer flags and the role they play in a Buddhist's life

Anyalyze the differences between Buddhism as a religion or a philosophy

 History 7:

Map out how geographic barriers would influence or compromise

trade between nations

Determine how the exchange between old world and new world

influenced the development of economic systems

Analyze how trade routes would diffuse more than just "goods"

History 8:

Determine the ways in which the US added to its territory

Deepen my understanding of where biases and stereotypes come from

and have social, political, and economic impacts

Understand the impact of westward expansion

Discuss the relationship between natural resources and expansion

Religion 8:

Identify the roles and responsibilities of members of the Church

Explain how the Church is apostolic

Define a Mark of the Church

Homework for the week: 

6th: Holi Worksheet due 4-17 & 14 questions on Hinduism due 4-20

7th: Ch 6 assessment on page 189 questions 1-4 due 4-17, How did the geography of Asia determine the path the road took--2 paragraphs due 4-18, Five W's of the slave trade due 4-19 & 2 paragraphs using 7 slave trade words correctly due 2-20

8th: Vocab sec 2 of ch 10 due 4-17, Nullification Crisis chart due 4-18, Vocab sec 3 of ch 10 due 4-19

Religion: Facts about the Diocese of Cleveland and the past Bishops due 4-18


What's going on in S2TEM2:    

7th is beginning an entrepreneur PBL.  They will use their Engineering projects and learn to produce and market them to outside world.



Confirmation is April 22 at the 11 am Mass. 

8th Grade May Crowning is on May 4th at the 8:15 school Mass.