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                          May 18th is Endangered Species Day  




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Our "I can" statements for the week of 5/14/18:

History 6: Determine the interaction of supply and demand and

quantities used or produced

Analyze how people deal with scarcity of items needed

Investigate how global trade occurs


 History 7:

Discuss how the fall of Rome leads to Europe falling into a time of little

improvement--The Middle Ages

Analyze the structure of Feudalism and its impact on the people and

the Church

Inquire as to why The Crusades were fought and what good came out

of them


History 8:

Analyze how the Industrial Revolution transformed the way goods were

produced in the USA

Investigate the path women took to overcome inequality


Religion 8:

Identify the roles and responsibilities of members of the Church

Explain how the Church is apostolic

Define a Mark of the Church

Homework for the week: 

6th: Economics vocab due 5-15 & economics worksheets due 5-18

7th: Test over trade routes on 5-14, Shields due 5-17, sec 3 of ch 17 vocab

due 5-16 & Europe in 400's/Charlemagne worksheet due 5-18 

8th: sec 1 of ch 12 vocab due 5-16, Inventors chart due 5-17 & sec 2 assessment on page 395--questions 1-4 due 5-18 

Religion: ch 19 review page due 5-14, page 184 due 5-16 & ch 19 open book quiz on 5-17


What's going on in S2TEM2:    




 STEM Night/Spring Concert on May 24 starting at 5:30 pm

8th Grade Graduation is June 4th with Mass at 6:00 pm in the Church