At St. Vincent de Paul Parish School we include the fine arts and foreign language in our curriculum to help develop the whole child.  Our learners participate in music, art, and Spanish classes weekly.  In addition, our learners given the opportunity to join our orchestra, band, and/or children's choir, and to participate in two musical productions each school year.    Yearly, our art program offers a tremendous art show each year in the spring to showcase the talents of our learners.  Parents are able to follow their child's artistic "journey" throughout the school year via a website - creating a great way for parents to see the growth of their child through artwork!  Spanish is our current foreign language offering.  All learners, from Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade, participate in this informative - and fun, class!

For a look at our current "Specials" curriculum, please check out our Teacher Blogs under the individual teachers.