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Our "I can" statements for the week of 3/5/17


Social Studies: 

I can learn about Dr. Seuss and his importance to Children's literature.


I can learn strategies to subtract.

I can learn how addition and subtraction are related.

I can learn strategies to help me add three addends.

I can learn my doubles facts and the doubles rap.

I can learn how to use doubles facts to help me add/subtract 1.

I can learn strategies to add and subtract.

I can learn to count on by 1 and count on by 2. 

I know the difference between ODD and EVEN numbers.

I can use pictures to help me add and subtract.

I can add/subtract vertically and horizontally.

I can subtract using zero.

I can learn about number order in a subtraction sentence.

I can learn to subtract through 10.


I will learn about the season of Lent and how it relates to me.

I can participate in the Stations of the Cross.

I can discuss the liturgy from Sunday's mass and how it relates to me.

I can treat others with kindness and respect.

I can learn why God sent us a Savior.


Reading/English Language Arts:  

I can learn how to read and spell words using "sneaky" e. 

I can learn word endings s, ed, ing and understand their meanings.

I can learn how to write about a topic and include 3-4 important details.

I can learn how to write a question.

I can put 4-5 words in ABC order.

I can write 3-4 complete sentences using capitals and periods.

I can read classroom magazine and identify important parts (i.e. heading, caption, diagram).

I can learn about synonyms and antonyms.

I can learn about nouns, adjectives and action verbs.

I can learn about sequence of events in a story.

I can learn "5 finger" retell (character, setting, beginning, middle, end). 

I can learn word attack skills including blending sounds together to make cvc words.

I can write a response to a journal prompt in my journal using words and pictures.


I can learn about living and nonliving things.

I can discuss and learn about the needs of living things.

I can learn how animals are grouped by similar attributes.

Homework for the week:  

Reading 25 minutes is expected each night. This can be your child reading to you or you reading to your child or a little bit of both.  If your child needs sight word practice, this would be a great time to review these, too!


What's going on in S2TEM2

I can begin to plan and engineer a moon rover out of commonly found items in our engineering lab.  This rover will have to be able to move down a ramp. 

We will be learning how to use our ipads and be responsible for them each day.

I can utilize my ipads to scan QR codes for classroom activities.