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              May 3rd is Paranormal Day!!!



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Our "I can" statements for the week of 5/1/17:

History 6:

Explain the interaction of supply and demand

Compare and Contrast the price and quality of goods and services

Determine why a country will specialize in areas

IE: Agriculture, Technology, Resources

History 7:

Explain how Europe became unstable after the fall of the Roman Empire

Discuss how Popes from the Roman Catholic Church dominated society and the conflict that will arise with Kings

Describe in detail how the Renaissance was a “rebirth” for Europe and its people

Understand how The Plague and The Crusades move European society out of Feudalism and into a republic

History 8:

Connect the innovations of the Industrial Revolution to the increase in the Abolitionist movement

Compare and Contrast the impact of technology on both the North and the South

Determine how social and civic groups change society and propel Americans to fight for social justice issues

Religion 6:

Discover the meanings behind the symbols and images used in the

Catholic Church

Homework for the week: 

6th: Vocabulary words on pg 86:  Population, Population Density, Birthrate, & Migration due 5-2

7th: King John worksheet due 5-2, Crusades map due 5-2 (at end of class), Modern epidemics questions (in classroom) due 5-3 & Black death questions on website due 5-4 (at end of class)


Religion: Procession of Magi painting--find and list symbols/images that are

painted in it due 5-2

What's going on in S2TEM2:    




Holy Canoli the year is 4 weeks away from being completed