Looking for a way to get involved?

The Building and Grounds Commission REALLY needs your help and involvement. There are several projects that need IMMEDIATE  attention and we can’t do it alone. Yes, we could hire a company to do this, but we would like to stay budget friendly especially with collections being down at the moment with it  being summer. We invite everyone, especially parents and families of the Saint Vincent de Paul Parish School, students from high school looking for service hours and people that may want to learn a new skill. 

Here is a list of projects and proposed dates! 

Fence Line Brush and Tree Cutters at the Cemetery… 
Along the western edge starting at Market Street and  moving south. Preliminary work the week of July 17th to 21st… Clearing dead brush, weeds and some small trees.  Please bag this and dispose in the church dumpster.  Tools to bring: Loppers, hand saws, chainsaws, leaf rakes, string line trimmers, pitch forks, heavy duty hedge shears, round point shovels, ax, pick and work gloves. Some tools are available for your use during the week.  Check them out at the school by seeing our Maintenance Director, Charlie.  (Trimming along the tombstones is ALWAYS needed). Contact Tom Wiolland at twparadice@yahoo.com or Mike Bauman at mawb0621@gmail.com for more details or to sign up! 

Stone Re-Setters… 
A volunteer group is forming to start hopefully in August utilizing block and tackle equipment to lift fallen dislodged monument stones and setting them back into original position.  Those interested, please contact Ellen in the rectory off ice at 330-535-3135 X 100.  A Tutorial session may be planned.  This group, once formed, will be setting their own hours. 

Grade School Classroom Carpet Installers…
A volunteer group is forming to help with the installation of carpet squares in classrooms.  We are especially counting on school parents to help with this project.  Some advance planning and prep work is necessary.  Please call the rectory office at 330-535-3135 X 100 or email ellen@stvincentchurch.com.   

(Pictures may not reflect actual work conditions, but we do need your help!)